Friday, August 31, 2012

Frenzied Fussy Good Day

Today has been a really good day. Nothing huge happened. In fact, the first couple of hours were a little rough. Lily has been waking up earlier and earlier, which isn't that bad except that I had this awesome grand plan that I would start waking up 30 minutes before the kids so that I could use that time to quick shower and get dressed for the day. My plan was that with that task out of the way I could hit two birds with one stone, 1. have naptime to myself for homework and writing and 2. to train myself to become more pleasant in the morning for my poor husband's sake. Since the evening I declared my new schedule, Lily has literally beat my alarm clock by ten minutes every day (even when I set it for earlier than the previous day). I already started my day off behind schedule, then I had a super fussy baby on my hands, and then for the first time ever in this pregnancy I fell asleep without even realizing it. Thank the Lord I had already put Lily back down for her morning nap when I fell into one of my own. So when I woke up still in pajamas with yesterday's makeup and some nasty hair, I thought for sure this would not be a great day.

But with a splash of blush and a touch up of my old makeup (ok if you are reading this and thinking about how gross that is, you are a liar...either that or you haven't truly lived if you have never put a "top coat" over yesterday's mascara). We were out the door, frenzied but all safely buckled in. And then a glorious thing happened. The day went beautifully! I came home and felt energized to both write and do homework and maybe even a little clean up if I am really crazy. This post doesn't really have some huge reflective meaning or depth to it, but just to encourage you. Get out there! Live your life, go have fun, go spend time with someone new, just do something! Even when your makeup is crunchy--believe it or not it can still be a good day. My favorite news anchor growing up always ended the morning segment with the same sign off and I will leave you with the same (from Scott Sam's mouth to your ears). "Make it a great day!"

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