Thursday, August 23, 2012

At Some Point I Waved Farewell to "Normal"

Today I am twenty five, but in two days I will be twenty six. But not really, well really, but not. My birthday has been moved to Monday this year. Being a wife and a mom, rescheduling my birthday has become totally normal. The first time I hated it, I shouldn't have to reschedule my one special day! Now, its no big thing. And to top it off, Saturdays are my least favorite day of the week so it all works out. My husband is home for the morning (favorite part) and we have family time, but then he leaves at lunch time for work and comes back after all is said and done with the Saturday night service at our church, usually by 7:15ish. It's not the longest day of the week, but it's my least favorite because it's so broken up that it feels like three different days all squeezed into one long day. I hate taking the kids out on Saturdays because everything is so crowded.'s suffice to say that I am just fine with moving my birthday to beloved Monday. Monday is Austin's day off and everyone else is at work and we have practically no waits, no lines, no worries....the world is our oyster. When all my facebook friends are complaining about having a case of the Mondays, I'm happy as a lark. In this stage of life, I've learned that I will just be happier if you can be flexible and adjustable while still being responsible and structured. It's all about balancing expectations. It used to seem so weird and wrong to not have a normal Friday night to Sunday night weekend, it used to seem unfair to reschedule my birthday, one baby used to seem like so much work. Our life is kinda crazy, kinda weird, and kinda the perfect representation for us. Structured, but not the typical way. 

Now, how do I hide this blog post from myself on those days that I want normalcy?

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