Friday, August 24, 2012

You Forget

You forget. Once you are in love with someone. You forget everything. You forget how much it hurt, it physically ached, not to be with them in love. How the most romantic stories or movies or books, made you feel miserable. The way I couldn't breath when you stood close to me. The way I was constantly looking for you in the room, even without realizing it. You forget how hard you pray that this will end or that it will begin--and you honestly don't know which you want more. Somehow if I could just keep you for me or lose you altogether I would be better off. You forget how much you hated to love. You forget how the whole world watched and waited, at least it felt that way. I forget all of that because being with you is the realization of every dream I didn't know I had and some of the ones I did. Because it is that wonderful. Because every day feels like I always wanted it to.

Sadie Hawkins Spring 2006

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