Friday, July 16, 2010

Evening Update on Lyric

Lyric has built up to and held down the necessary amounts of food all day! His IV is being taken out right now! We are waiting to be discharged from the hospital!! It seems that the hardest part of the recovery process is over! The doctor says that in a couple of days he won't even know that anything happened and he will be good as new!

Lyric's Health Update

I am using this blog for the one thing that I hoped I never updates about my son. Ok, let me start by saying that Lyric is ok, now we are just working on a good recovery. Also, please be gracious with me when you read this, on top of being physically exhausted we are emotionally fried. So please don't read this post with a grammatical eye.

For the past week to week and a half Lyric has been vomiting up all his food. At first we questioned that maybe we were just being typical first time parents who were easy spooked. But within the last 4-5 days, Lyric's vomiting became more frequent and (there is no polite way to say this) bigger amounts. We saw our pediatrician Monday (june, 12th); Lyric weighed 8lbs 6oz, which was a lower weight than expected. Our doctor spoke to us about a couple of possibilities and came to the conclusion that Lyric was suffering from reflux. He started a safe medication to treat his reflux, which should have been affective immediately. By Wednesday morning, nothing had changed. After getting a second opinion and much appreciated advice from my uncle (also a pediatrician), we visited our doctor again Thursday at 11:30am to have him weighed again and re-evaluated. Lyric weighed 8lbs 1.9 oz, which was not only less than he weighed Monday, but was also less than he weighed at birth. (Yes, we know that babies' weights go down and then back up, but we had already done that by his two week visit.) Our pedi told us that we should go straight to Children's hospital so that they could do a sonogram, since he suspected that Lyric had Pyloric Stenosis. We came to Cooks Childrens Hospital (and have received the best care we could ask for) and they found that Lyric did in fact have Pyloric Stenosis. Pyloric Stenosis is basically when a muscle that is donut shaped at the bottom of the stomach is too big and bulgy and therefore squeezes any food back up instead of allowing it to be properly digested. Apparently PS (my abbreviation only, not an official nickname) is very common in babies (1 out of 250-400) and especially in first born caucasian males. Lyric was in surgery by 6:30pm last night (the surgery is scheduled right away since he can only begin the road to eating after that). We spent the night at the hospital last night and when we leave totally depends on Lyric's recovery. He has to work his was back up the food chart slowly. Once he can hold down Pedialyte (basically Gatorade for babies), then he can slowly work his way back to milk. So far as of 8:48am, Lyric has not been able to hold down anything. Our nurse was just able to get ahold of one of our doctors and he said that it is completely normal for babies to have a hard time holding food down at first and that he will eventually be able to, its just a matter of time.

We will keep updates on here and on facebook (probably mainly on here though). Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The Lord has been very near to us (as He promises in Psalm 46) . We (well mainly me) are clinging to Psalm 28:7. Prayer for rest and recovery and for Lyric's tummy to be at ease would be awesome.

Oh! The nurse just came in and took him off his monitors so now he is only hooked up to his IV and we are able to hold him and rock him!!