Friday, February 7, 2014


This year I declared our family theme to be “Simplicity.” Last year our theme was “Endurance.” So today while the kids build a fort and watch Sesame Street I am collecting all the unused or unwanted clothing and junk and the Salvation Army is picking it up. I have winter to thank for this boost in productivity. If it weren’t for winter, I would never spend so much time in our home without interruption. No matter what time of year it is I always find myself staring away into our yard while I wash dishes. And now that I am no longer allowing myself to stare and wallow and wish for spring, I'm appreciating what I see out there. When I look back in our backyard I can see so far during the winter. There is nothing but bare trees and white snow, so my view is unobstructed. Hi there neighbors whose house I can only see when the couple of acres of leafy trees are naked!

I want to feel that same way when I look in our closets and cabinets. I don’t want to have to scoot around the stuff we never touch and the clothes we never wear. Since I’m powerless to make the weather change, I’m asserting my power to make our home feel more comfortable. Also, I’m one of those types, the type who loves cleanliness and organization. If I were a character off of FRIENDS I would like to think I would be Monica. So going through our house and freeing myself from current clutter and junk that will inevitably turn into to future clutter just makes my heart sing. I love it, but it still isn’t something I would have put on my top ten list to do this week. Winter gave me the inspiration to mirror its simplicity and the push I needed to make it happen. So for that, I am thankful (and to be honest kind of giddy about seeing so much stuff leaving our house!). Bye bye junk, you no longer have the power to make me feel overly Americanized and greedy and gross and cluttered. Simplicity, I love you and this winter is showing me that this year’s theme will bring forth a beautiful year for our family!

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