Sunday, April 6, 2014


We make life hard for ourselves at times don’t we? In a culture driven by self-motivation, ambition, and the American Dream…sometimes we get really caught up in our own minds. We start believing that the way we think is the best way, the way other people think is likely less enlightened than our way, and view everything through a critical lens. Everything is sifted through the tight filter of our preferences and our assessments. It’s so tiring. Wouldn’t it just be easier to let go for a day and let life be simple, to choose to enjoy rather than to evaluate. Releasing the constant strain for the potential perfection we have concocted and breathe in grace. Grace is here, now, illuminated by the imperfections and flaws and mistakes that engulf our reality. Don’t stop being who you are, but be the truest of who you are. Enjoy the fullness of who you are in Christ.

If you’re a thinker, think through grace and dwell on joy.
If you’re a free spirit, embrace grace and put down comparison.
If you’re straight laced, stand on the tension between what has come and the glory that will be.
If you’re just getting through life, look up at the clouds and be moved by the worship that even nature proclaims.
If you’re bruised and beaten, take heart. He has overcome the world!


  1. This is such a great post! Thank you!

  2. I love this one :) yay for getting caught up on your blog!!