Friday, April 15, 2011

Getaway--The First Easter Blog

Fresh off a getaway to Chicago with my wonderful husband this morning feels amazing. The best thing about getting away is that reality does not feel quite so realistic. Something about being away and out of your normal environment brings clarity. It's like being in an airplane and looking at your life. You can see everything where it really is and how it all fits together.

At least for me, just as wonderful as getting away, coming home is equally rejuvenating. Today is not really any different from any other day for a SAH (stay at home), but something about it seems special and beautiful. Breakfast with Lyric and going to the Y--it seems so adventurous. It seems so new.

That is why Easter feels so different for me. It's why Easter is my favorite. Because it is a celebration of newness. New life, new creation, new promises, new hope.


  1. I walked into Target the other day and saw all the Easter stuff and immediately thought of you and how much you love it. Glad you could get away and get a renewed excitement for everyday life. Miss you.

  2. I love this. A few weeks ago, I didn't feel excited about Easter. But God has been preparing my heart to Celebrate this year anyway. He knows...He always knows what we need.

    You are such a good SAH (haha, never heard this before)