Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mrs. Tallus, Tellos...Mrs. T

I just got home from my first day (basically, I'll elaborate later) of substitute teaching. I had a third grade class for half a day and it was a joy. I have to take a moment to brag on the staff that I worked with today, they were all so welcoming and friendly. Friendliness was the answered prayer of the day. First days are the worst, I dread them. God acts everyday, and am making it a priority to recognize Him as much as my little mind can.
When Austin and I got married I was unemployed and finally after several months of the easy life, I became a sub. I worked for two days and decided that I could not handle it. I need to explain, my first day I had a bilingual kindergarten class, my second day I had 4th graders with behavioral and/or learning issues. Those classes were a tough initiation, not to mention that this gal is not a morning person. Did you know that some schools start class at 7:15 AM?!?! Now, that I have a baby to prepare for and I've gotten used to working, subbing was great. I have a feeling that teaching may be in the future. Growing up the child of a teacher was so great. I am just realizing as an adult and soon to be parent, how wonderful teaching is for a family.

Countdown for finding out if we are having a baby girl or baby boy: 9 days!


  1. yay! i had high school today and it was as bad as i expected it to be. what age gropu did you have?

  2. Hey! I am glad you had a great day!If you are enjoying subbing you will def. enjoy teaching! It is so much more fun when you have your own class that you know so well :) 9 days.. that is so soon! yay!
    oh and p.s. first grade is the best. Ok I know its my opinion... but I sure do like the fact that they LOVE me still, and LOVE school! haha :)

  3. If you have a baby girl, I know a cute little boy who would make a great future husband?!?!

    So happy for you two!

    Katie & Josh