Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Move: Let's not break up after all

For those of you who might have noticed that I started writing more often and regularly only to completely disappear…let me explain. After reading another blog and being totally disappointed and saddened by the disregard of holiness and biblical marriage (headship of men and submission of women done biblically) I was a little a lot turned off by all things blog—including my own blog. I had a bad taste in my mouth from what I had found out in the blogosphere. It doesn't really make sense, and to say the least I was throwing the baby out with the bath water.  After I told him I was done with blogging, my husband pointed something out to me —he challenged me to be spurred on by the things I disagree with (and especially those that the Bible disagrees with) not to be defeated by them.  I love sharing the truths that God is revealing to me both through His word and through hard life lessons. So I will not be abandoning the blog after all! Which leads me to introduce to you the next blog series on Bird In A Tree!

Move: life changes, so do you.

Having young children has begun to mean that the only constant (besides nap time) is change. As soon as one kid sleeps soundly through the night another one starts having nightmares, one kid can safely eat peanut butter (all you moms totally know that I'm talking about) while the other can't even have cows milk yet. It's a juggling act, and I have lots and lots of transitions and changes and adjustments waiting for me in the future. Recently though I was thinking about all the transitions I have been through in the past five years and frankly I find myself wondering how I fit so much into such a short period of time! Move is a series about transition; about the changes we face in life, both the voluntary and the involuntary. Regardless of whether we chose the transition we are facing or if it was thrust upon us, we have to grow and change with it. I'm so excited to reflect on changes I've made it through and ones that I'm still moving through now. Follow Bird In A Tree and keep watch on your blog reel/roll/reader for the first installment of MOVE.

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  1. From a wife/mother/soon to be empty nester, I am realizing that the changes in life never stop happening. And then I'm learning that it is God's way to continue to bring me to complete dependance on the Lord!! I'm so glad you're going to continue your blog! I've enjoyed it!