Monday, December 28, 2009

I like the dark.

Time for a new post. After all, I have an early resolution to fulfill. Lets talk migraines, the worst Christmas present ever. For the past week I have had on and off migraines every day. Here is my issue. Some people have a tension (aka stress) headache, sinus headache, or just plain headache which I'm sure isn't fun, but don't be dramatic. When people run errands, go to work, do housework with a "migraine" I get...annoyed. Not because they appear to be super hereos, and I am not. I am annoyed because....THEY DON'T HAVE A MIGRAINE!! A person with a migraine can't do anything but swallow any and every pain "reliever" in front of them and sleep. I am an expert in this area. Studies show (yes I did my research) that 20% of women have A migraine at some point in their life. Ladies, try A migraine every few months. I guess what I'm saying is, all you exaggerators out there are making me look like a wimp. End rant.

In other news, Austin surprised me today by picking up our new MacBook Pro! We have been pinching out pennies and all of our family graciously donated to our cause for Christmas. This machine is simply amazing! Also, I started reading "The Help" today, well kinda started. As soon as my migraine subsided I thought I would try reading. Austin found me grimacing and holding my head in my hands, but reading nonetheless. Being the loving husband that he is, he demanded that I quite reading and give my head a break.

We go to the doctor tomorrow! Just a little longer and we will find out if this baby is a gal or a guy.

And, for those of you few who are reading out there, thank you. I hope I can leave you feeling entertained and reflective. Or at least a little less bored.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Year in Review

I'd like to take a moment to be somewhat of a LifeTime movie clip. As I sit here beside my huge sliding glass doors watching tons of snow blow through our courtyard, I can't help but reflect on the year. First year of marriage, first road trip with my husband, first dog(s), and pregnancy for the first time. Geez. I have to say that just writing the words "first year of marriage" reminds me of all the advice (invited and uninvited) that we got as we were engaged. Sadly, most people told us it would be undoubtedly the worst and hardest year of our lives. I am happy to say, that marriage has been wonderful. Now, I'm sure I will look back in 20 years and chuckle over those first year discoveries. I hope (and know) that in 20 years, I will know my husband immeasurably better and more intimately. However, this first year has been exciting, challenging, filled with growth, romance, and fun. So, for all of you stinking nay sayers out there, you're wrong. Also this year, (thanks to our first dog, Savannah) Austin and I discovered that we people. Now, thanks to Max, we know we weren't crazy. Another pleasant (not so surprising) discovery is that Austin really is the one person I could go on a week long road trip with and end up loving more. Seriously, road trips are like boot camp for marriage. If you can get through that, you can get through that horrible first year ;) And oh boy, first pregnancy. We learned that I was pregnant after 10 months of marriage. I find myself wanting to do all those things that are off limits. I've never been that kid that touches the hot stove just because my mom said not to. But, I find myself daydreaming about eating sushi, after running a marathon (ok half marathon) and riding roller coasters. I want what I just can't have. Although, having this tiny little baby growing inside my body (it seems like the "bump" gets bigger every time I look down) makes life look so different. And look nay sayers, I'm not naive. I know that life will change, that we won't have the "freedom" we had before, but I know that it will be good (and by that I mean amazing). If I love my husband as much as only I can really know and feel in my heart, then I know that the love in our family will just be exploding when our little life takes his/her first breath. And, next year we will actually have to label the gifts under our tree! And so now, as this preggo has to go visit the ladies room for the one millionth time, I hope that your year has been just as exciting.
How is that for a Hallmark/LifeTime/day time talk show kinda moment?