Monday, December 28, 2009

I like the dark.

Time for a new post. After all, I have an early resolution to fulfill. Lets talk migraines, the worst Christmas present ever. For the past week I have had on and off migraines every day. Here is my issue. Some people have a tension (aka stress) headache, sinus headache, or just plain headache which I'm sure isn't fun, but don't be dramatic. When people run errands, go to work, do housework with a "migraine" I get...annoyed. Not because they appear to be super hereos, and I am not. I am annoyed because....THEY DON'T HAVE A MIGRAINE!! A person with a migraine can't do anything but swallow any and every pain "reliever" in front of them and sleep. I am an expert in this area. Studies show (yes I did my research) that 20% of women have A migraine at some point in their life. Ladies, try A migraine every few months. I guess what I'm saying is, all you exaggerators out there are making me look like a wimp. End rant.

In other news, Austin surprised me today by picking up our new MacBook Pro! We have been pinching out pennies and all of our family graciously donated to our cause for Christmas. This machine is simply amazing! Also, I started reading "The Help" today, well kinda started. As soon as my migraine subsided I thought I would try reading. Austin found me grimacing and holding my head in my hands, but reading nonetheless. Being the loving husband that he is, he demanded that I quite reading and give my head a break.

We go to the doctor tomorrow! Just a little longer and we will find out if this baby is a gal or a guy.

And, for those of you few who are reading out there, thank you. I hope I can leave you feeling entertained and reflective. Or at least a little less bored.

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  1. hey lady! keep up the updates! i dont get to see you anymore and i want to know whats going on with you and that baby of yours! congrats!

    also, just a side note, headaches are really common during pregnancy b/c of all the hormones...for about a month, i got them everyday at the same time, 4-4:15ish. but they went away - hopefully yours will too!