Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More of a promise, less of a resolution

Readers, scanners, and perusers,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read my thoughts. My deepest and most sincere hope for this blog is that it will be an outpouring of what the Lord is teaching and revealing in my life that I hope will build you up as well. Since becoming a mom, I have battled endless inner-tension about ministry. I have never really been in a stage in life where I have to come to the conclusion that the ways I am serving my family, child, and home are what the Lord has laid out for me, but here I am. I am so used to finding a ministry and throwing myself into it...whether I like it or not, that I don't totally know how to function with this new call. However, God is continually affirming that we are starting anew. (And can I just say, praise Him that His mercies are new every morning! I am almost sure that by the time morning comes each day...without that new mercy...God might be getting a little annoyed that He has to keep repeating Himself. Ok...that was a little too humanizing, but you get my drift.) Being a new stay at home momma, a pastors wife (oh man, I still giggle at that a little in my head. I know for a fact that as a teenager I claimed that being a pastor's wife was the LAST and I mean last role I would ever want), a new home owner and therefore new housewife, is a huge job...and for that matter, it's a huge ministry. I am so excited for the day when I can throw myself into the local church again and serve in new ways, but for now...despite much stubbornness, I am discovering the excitement of supporting my man's ministry, loving my man and my little buddy with the love of Christ, and creating en gedi in our home(if you are wondering what on earth en gedi is, go here). However, I can't ignore the pure joy I get from this blog. The Holy Spirit is stirring a passion for writing and sharing and learning in my life and I believe that He is allowing me to use this blog as a ministry.

I am confessing here and now that I am constantly fighting the lie that "no one wants to sit and read what I have to say. What do I have to say anyway? Who am I to say anything?" So please, keep me accountable friends!

I have a couple of blogs stirring around in my heart and head that I am very excited about. But in the short moment that I have now, I wanted to make this declaration and promise that I will be obediently writing and sharing with you as much as my full time ministry allows ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!